Dawn, she woke me

Dawn, she woke me with her rosy fingers,
From this slumber Iím scared of, but I canít remember.
I saw wisdom in her flaming eyes,
All the lonely people she has patronized.
I walked the eerie valley; Iíve never seen the valley. I swam the darkest river;
Iíve never seen the water. I woke up in the middle of old Taroko road.
Struck dead the moment that I opened up my crusted eyes.
I climbed the grimmest mountain; Iíve never seen the mountain.
I prowled the angry city; Iíve never seen the city.
Got caught up in a fire fight in someoneís former life.
The bullets flutter by my head, until I taste the bitter lead.
Iím pulled in by the light; Iíve never seen the light. I hear the sound of laughter;
Iíve never heard the laughter. I fell into the hollow, and didnít cast a shadow.
I feel the rosy fingers try for me, mais je suis fini.