Caroline's Song

Death knells are sounding all around,
as you drive your life into the ground.
Did you hear us calling you?

Canít you see that we love you?

I know youíve seen your share of pain,
and I know you want it all to go away.
You know, Iíve seen it too,
Iíve been right there with you.

If our eyes were covered in a hue,
youíd think itíd be a shade of blue,
but our eyes they are green,
if only you could see
the potential you have inside,
from which you always seem to hide.
Itís not just me who can,
I am Sam, Sam I am.

Yeah, youíve done ok,
youíve done alright,
but itís never been enough,
has it?
Yeah, youíve done ok,
youíve done alright,
and if itís good enough for you,
itís fine.

We have a demon in our heads,
he does our thinking in our stead.
He may try to steal your heart,
donít let him get that far.

Those who donít know what it is like,
who always had the perfect life,
will make you feel like shit, but
theyíre fucking ignorant.

Who said anything about
condemning what you do?
I could never really
stay that mad at you.
Itís not normal to be
throwing stones at you,
then turn around,
and talk about
how much we love you.

Just listen to my cheerful words,
Iíve gone and conquered Satan first.
It is worth all the pain,
but you have to stay the same.

I wish that you would come back home.
Since youíve been gone, Iíve been alone.
I have lost my best friend,
who Iím made to defend.

If itís good enough for you,
itís fine by me.