Face to Face

I said, I wish I had a camera
to save what I have seen,
to pile emí up in boxes, and
preserve the memories.

If only I could capture
what I felt that fateful day,
but the pictures
just donít recreate emotions

I said, if only I had evidence,
then Iíd always tell the truth;
for the moments shot through lenses
will forever cling to you.

Oh, what things you miss in hiding
behind five, or six inches.
Have you captured moments, or
have they imprisoned you?

Well, I see faces through a forest of handheld electronics,
like an island for your isolation,
but youíre not lost -
you want it.

I see eyes glued to the brightness.
They move, but seem so lifeless, and
when I call them they pretend
to not have heard me say
how are you?

Would you like to have a conversation?
Face to face,
without any distractions?
Talk about the world, and
all of the people in it.
And we will say what we mean,
thereís nothing else to it.