Mango Tree

Are you surprised of the direction
you have taken your life in?
Is it not just how you imagined it,
exactly how you dreamed of it,
and longed for it?

Well, I have known for long
that kindred spirits, we have grown
into our own,
and into one anotherís roots;
weíve become each otherís irrevocable,
and everlasting truths.

Just like the ocean, you have
sprayed my thirsty heart,
and like the mango tree, youíll never
let me go hungry.

It wasnít by mistake that
intertwined were our fates,
our roads now destined to become
embroidered like a chain mail
that will never fail
to shield our hearts that weigh
so, so many tons.

And many suns will have to be
ignited and extinguished,
way before the flames between us
finish flickering in the wind.
Even in the winter I am warm
when I am lying in your arms.

And you may go away
as far as Spain, but
no extended interval of time,
or distance visible
will ever me far for long.
Honey, youíre my paragon.