On Trains

Nimbus clouds surround the mountains now.
Canít tell who resides this wooden town.
Thereís a makeshift mystery
thatís going down.

The plains below me here now live in peace,
where farmer grows his rice and Chinese tea.
Never has a man seemed so damn free to me.

So damn free to me.

Darkness comes now as it please,
then light comes back to me so suddenly,
as we tunnel through to further majesty.

The sight of smoke, and sound
of ringing bells,
the ones weíve come to love, and know so well
calms our qualms, and
makes us feel so swell.

Makes us feel so swell.

Well honey, maybe you donít know this,
but lifeís a train ride and we are all on it.

Pretty homes all made of marble stone
line up one by one to say hello, hello.
They are beautiful, and
they donít even know.

They donít even know,
they are beautiful.

When I am on trains,
I feel safe.

The city lights are now coming in sight.
They shine on me with
all their pretty might,
but I canít tell, because Iím sleeping
oh so tight

Conductor calls us all to come on out,
weíve reached the platform,
now itís time for solid ground,
and remember where it is that we are bound.

Where it is weíre bound.